• GNDC, Arik Spencer Issues Statement on Legacy Fund Poll Results

    The Greater North Dakota Chamber (GNDC) has issued a statement today specific to the survey results from the poll conducted by the North Dakota News Cooperative on civic issues and emphasis on the Legacy Fund.
    Arik Spencer, CEO & President, Greater North Dakota Chamber:
    Regarding the North Dakota News Cooperative Part 1 Poll, we see from the results – loud and clear, North Dakotans are currently engaged in civic matters but are seeking a deeper understanding of the Legacy Fund and related policies. We appreciate this desire for transparency. As an organization dedicated to fostering connections between our members, the business community, and policymakers, we will be evaluating our role in educating and facilitating dialogue on issues that impact our state's prosperity and growth.
    Furthermore, with the upcoming elections, it is evident that voters are prepared to participate actively and bring their mindset to the polls, potentially independent of party platforms. This underscores the importance of engaging with voters across all spectrums and ensuring their voices are heard in the political process.
    The Greater North Dakota Chamber remains committed to promoting informed decision-making and fostering a robust civic dialogue in our state.