• North Dakota Future Forum: Celebrating GNDC 100 Years and Charting North Dakota's Next Century

    Grand Forks, North Dakota - The Greater North Dakota Chamber (GNDC) is proud to announce the North Dakota Future Forum, a milestone event celebrating the organization's 100-year anniversary. Scheduled for June 4, 2024, at the Minnkota Power Cooperative in Grand Forks, this forum will bring together leaders from across North Dakota to discuss and explore the trends, technologies, and strategies that will drive the state's future progress.
    "The GNDC Future Forum is not just a celebration of our past achievements but a visionary look into North Dakota's next century," said Arik Spencer, CEO and President of GNDC. "We believe that the business community is at the forefront of shaping our state's future and ensuring its global competitiveness. This event will serve as a platform for thought leaders to come together, exchange ideas, and pave the way for a prosperous future for North Dakota."
    The forum will feature a series of sessions focusing on key areas that are critical for North Dakota's future growth, including: 

    • Technology: Examining how technological advancements are changing the pace of business and innovation.
    • Healthcare: Exploring access and innovation in healthcare, especially in the face of cost controls.
    • Energy and Agriculture Intersections: Discussing the intersection of these vital sectors and their impact on North Dakota's economy.
    • The Next-Generation Business Leader: Trends and perspective of the up coming business leaders including strategies for supporting and encouraging additional leaders to step up 
    An additional highlight of the event will be a keynote address by Leah Moschella, a strategic innovator in education ecosystems. Moschella's expertise in transforming education ecosystems to meet the needs of today's economies makes her a fitting choice for this forward-looking event. Her session will further examine student academics and competitiveness on a global scale specific with the context of preparing a future workforce.
    GNDC’s ND Future Forum, hosted by platinum sponsor Minnkota Power Cooperative, promises to be a dynamic and engaging event, bringing together leaders from business, government, and academia to shape North Dakota's future.
    For more information and to register for the event, visit the GNDC website at www.ndchamber.com.