• GNDC Opposes Proposed Property Tax Measure, Urges North Dakotans to Decline Petition

    The Greater North Dakota Chamber (GNDC) has issued a statement today expressing strong opposition to the property tax petition currently in circulation, aimed at amending the North Dakota Constitution.
    Arik Spencer, President and CEO of GNDC, voiced concerns about the proposed initiated measure, emphasizing its potential to restrict political subdivisions' authority to levy property taxes. According to the proposal, starting in 2025, the state would be mandated to provide replacement payments at 2024 levels indefinitely.
    GNDC contends that the initiative lacks a viable plan, projecting a staggering cost of over $2 billion per biennium without a clear source of revenue. The organization questions how political subdivisions, particularly in rural areas, will fund future needs and highlights the potential for tax inequalities among property owners.
    "GNDC believes in a fair, competitive, stable, and predictable tax policy, and this measure falls short by creating instability and uncertainty. The lack of planning and the creation of inequities do not contribute to success," stated Spencer.
    In response to these concerns, GNDC has joined the Keep it Local North Dakota Coalition, a diverse group comprising stakeholders from trade associations, nonprofits, and political subdivisions. This coalition shares apprehensions about the adverse consequences and impacts of the proposed initiative, should it pass.
    The petition, which requires 31,164 signatures, must be submitted before Feb 12 to be considered for the June Primary Election or by June 29 for inclusion on the General Election ballot in November.
    This is not the first time GNDC has taken a stand against such measures. In 2012, the organization joined a coalition that successfully defeated a similar effort. GNDC now urges North Dakotans to decline signing the current petition, sending a clear message in support of local control.