• 2021 Legislative Session

  • The 67th Legislative Assembly began with Organizational Session, December 1-3. At that time, leadership and committees were chosen and the priorities of the governor were outlined by his budget address. Session officially started on January 5, with Governor Burgum's State of the State Address. This page served as a resource over the course of the session; track bills, become aware of key business issues, discover how to be involved, or discover GNDC's specific policy positions


    Advocacy is the heart of what the Greater North Dakota Chamber does. Collaborative in nature, our work throughout the session can be best summarized in three objectives:

    1. Stop legislation that would hurt North Dakota business
    2. Advocate for solutions to our three primary policy areas: Business Climate, Workforce Development, Infrastructure
    3. Support and promote bills that are positive for the state's business community

    Our efforts are non-partisan and our approach is bi-partisan. We amplify the voice of our members to promote the best business climate possible. 


    This final recap of the session and GNDC's advocacy work not only showcases bills that we impacted but reviews all legislator scores, including this session's grade and lifetime voting index. The bills outlined in this document were deciding factors in determining each legislator's score. Printed copies can be requested via email.

    Press Release on Scorecard Launch

    How They Voted - Legislator Score Breakdown