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    "Term Limits for North Dakota" is the group behind this initiated constitutional measure. The petition's sponsoring committee includes a faction of Republican legislators who often caucus together, including Jeffrey Magrum (Hazelton), Jason Heitkamp (Wahpeton), Nathan Toman (Mandan), Tom Kading (Fargo), and Rick Becker (Bismarck). The average Chamber Champion score of these legislators is 69.8%. 

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    PRESS RELEASE: Chambers of Commerce Across State Oppose Term Limits Measure

    LETTER TO THE EDITOR: GNDC with Chambers of Commerce Oppose Measure 1


    GNDC feels that elections serve as term limits. The current election landscape reflects this. Sixty-eight percent of the legislative seats will be decided upon this fall. Indeed, the number of freshman legislators this January will range from 19-40% of the legislative body makeup. The proposed measure could limit citizens ability to have quality, experienced candidates and arbitrarily limit their choice.

    What measure would do:

    • Establish term limits for legislators (16 years total):
      • House of Representatives: 8 years (cumulative)
      • Senate: 8 years (cumulative)
      • An individual would not be eligible to serve a full or remaining term in the House or Senate if it would result in the time served extending past 8 years in that respective chamber
    • Establish term limits for Governor:
      • Individual cannot be elected more than twice, 8 years
      • Does not prevent the Lieutenant Governor from succeeding to the Office of Governor
      • Does not prevent the Secretary of State from acting as Governor
    • Not retroactive. Prior elections would not count.
    • Service by the Lieutenant Governor as President of the Senate would not count as time served in the Senate.
    • The Legislative Assembly would not be able to propose an amendment to alter or repeal these term limitations.
    • Changes could only be made through a constitutional measure.
    • In the case of conflict with any other provision of the constitution, the measure states that the provisions of this amendment would prevail.