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  • GNDC encourages Governor Burgum to utilize DHS Guidance

    GNDC encourages Governor Burgum to utilize DHS Guidance

    More and more states are enacting shelter-in-place declarations to help resist the spread of COVID-19. In the process of enacting these declarations, it is important that our business community is considered. North Dakota business will be instrumental in keeping essential infrastructure available to provide goods/services needed by healthcare providers and other services that the general public relies on. The Department of Homeland Security recently provided guidance on these essential businesses and services. The Greater North Dakota Chamber submitted a letter to Governor Burgum urging him to utilize the guidance if a declaration is made.

    From the letter: 
    "The Greater North Dakota Chamber is requesting that careful review of the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce guidance and our essential businesses and services during the decision-making process for shelter-in-place provisions as it pertains to local/regional needs. Although well-intentioned these declarations can have overly broad coverage and cause unintentional side effects. A shelter-in-place order is a drastic measure that should be approached with extreme caution. Should you make a shelter-in-place declaration, the Greater North Dakota Chamber strongly encourages a review process is in place for effected industries to request inclusion as an essential business or service," state Arik Spencer GNDC CEO and President.

    See GNDC's Letter to Governor Burgum as well as the Department of Homeland Security Guidance.