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  • OMB Q&A with Director Joe Morrissette: State procurement and ND PTAC

    OMB Q&A with Director Joe Morrissette: State procurement and ND PTAC

    GNDC’s Winter Issue of the Report on Business featured an article from Joe Morrissette, Director of North Dakota Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Morrissette discussed the changing economy and how challenges and opportunities were impacting our state budget. 
    GNDC sat down with Joe Morrissette to further discuss OMB, beyond the state budget. This is part three of the three-part series on the state cabinet agency. Part 1 and Part 2 are available on Brass Tacks, GNDC's blog.
    GNDC: Who should private business reach out to for more information about doing business with the State of North Dakota?
    Morrissette: Businesses should start by going to www.nd.gov/omb/vendor. The information there will help businesses learn about opportunities to compete for state contracts. Vendors will find links to the State Procurement Online System, state bidders list, and links to other types of bidding opportunities.
    There are a few tips to the process

    • Be sure to read the entire solicitation and comply with all deadlines and requirements. Bids and proposals that are not submitted on time, or are incomplete, will be rejected.
    • Contact the procurement officer listed on the solicitation if there are any questions. Solicitations usually have a deadline for submitting questions. Questions help to fully understand the requirements. 
    Tell us about ND PTAC. Do you have any information available on the upcoming Government Procurement Fair?
    North Dakota has Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (ND PTAC) that exist to help businesses identify government contract opportunities and to provide counseling on how to obtain, manage and comply with government contracting requirements. ND PTAC will be holding a procurement fair in the Capitol on Wednesday, March 25. The procurement fair will help connect businesses interested in securing government contracts with agency representatives. More information may be found on their website