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  • Session On! Week 10 Legislative Review

    Session On! Week 10 Legislative Review

    It’s not often we get to quote “Wayne’s World” but “GAME ON!!” Or should it be “SESSION ON!”?
    Either way, we are sinking deep into the second period/back half of this session. Bills have been worked by both chambers and two green floor votes will ensure their path to the governor’s office. Once signed by Governor Burgum, a bill would become law on August 1 unless there is an active emergency clause. Appropriations bills are effective July. Conference committees to reconcile differences in legislation haven’t yet started - this is referred to as "third period" when using the hockey game analogy.
    Creating a pause in the mood, watch for the legislature to receive a revised budget forecast soon! Session on!
    Bill Count: 984

    • House: 573
    • Senate: 411
    Active bills: 745 (225 failed/14 withdrawn/6 signed or filed)
    Signed into law: 3 (newest is HB 1090)
    GNDC tracker count: 206
    Days left in session: 38 (max)

    If you think you’ve seen these before, you have – remember these are being reworked in the opposite chamber now.

    • HB 1021: ITD
      • Electronic business gateway
      • Single sign-on to streamline with users in mind
    • HB 1168: Automation Tax Credit
    • HB 1232: Career Exploration Software
      • Provide ND students access to career exploration
      • Utilize VR technology
      • Utilize ND business
    • HB 1244: Income tax credit for employment of individuals with developmental disabilities
    • HB 1266: Renaissance Zone
      • Enable cities to reapply for the Renaissance Zone program.
      • It also enables taxpayers that have participated in the program to receive the agreed upon tax incentive even if the Renaissance Zone itself expires.
    • HB 1268: Removal of Oil Tax Trigger
      • Fair, consistent and competitive tax structure
    • HB 1383: Apprenticeship Income Tax Credit
      • Tax credit for 10% of the stipend or salary paid for qualifying apprenticeships
      • Up to $3k 
    • SB 2301: Childcare stabilization grant for centers
    • HB 1361: Personhood
      • Under this bill, environmental elements, artificial intelligence, animals, inanimate objects, corporations, or governmental entities may not be granted personhood or any rights associated with personhood
      • Amendment that passed addressed our corporation concerns as a "Person" means an individual, organization, government, political subdivision, government agency
    • SB 2140: Insulin mandate
      • Amended to be PERS specific for the next two years 
    Insider’s Peek: Member’s Testimony on HB 1168 (Automation Tax Credit)
    Kristin Hedger, Senior VP – Business Development and Government Relations, Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing, Inc.

    Let me give you an example of how this tax credit would benefit North Dakota. We at KMM often need to invest in wire-cutting equipment. I am talking about large and sophisticated machines that can cost $600,000 or more. They allow for more precise and efficient manufacturing of the parts we make. This modern cutting equipment saves time and cuts down on waste. Because we are able to improve our cutting process in this way, we are able to hire more employees to do what we call the “heavy touch” assembly that follows the wire cutting. This helps us to increase the number of jobs we offer, raise our wages, and give our employees an even better quality of life.