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  • Summer 2020 Report on Business Launch

    Summer 2020 Report on Business Launch

    You may have already seen it, but the Summer Issue of Report on Business is now available, it hit mailboxes this past week. Last quarter's issue, the COVID-19 Issue - which was only made available digitally, was officially launched with a column from GNDC's Director of Communications. We determined that it may be good to offer her a space to speak her point of view from the communications realm.

    The Missing Column to the Social Issues Issue, Focusing on 2020 Phraseology 

    This issue did not come together as originally planned. There, I’ve said it. Cat’s outta the bag. The original articles, topics, and vision that had been slated during a planning process last year went out the window in March. However, I believe that is about par for the course for everyone this year. 2020 wasn’t what anyone could have predicted or anticipated. This year, everyone’s routines, activities, and even vocabulary has been altered.
    Over the past few months, words and phrases created out of necessity have become part of our daily vernacular. For instance, “social distancing,” which may have previously been in reference to someone’s “bubble” now is a concept that goes beyond personal space influencing professional settings and personal lives. As a communications person, I’m so glad that there are options to describe the coronavirus. I can alternate between that name, COVID-19, or pandemic interchangeably. Even the simple mention of “the virus” works because the entire globe knows the reference. Think of other words and phrases that have been introduced into your ongoing business and personal interactions – traffic patterns, testing, sneeze guards, smart restart, mask mandate, work from home.
    We also have gotten used to other words that over been overused and overplayed. Anything related to “normal” makes me cringe, such as "return to normal" or "new normal". Also, the use of “unprecedented” has been unprecedented. Maybe it is just me, but I’m sick of the reminder that 2020 has veered off course.
    I’ve been told that it takes 28 days to build a habit. We’ve been living during coronavirus times well past that time frame. The alterations that we all have made in order to “flatten the curve” will have lasting impacts on our working conditions, business models, meeting formats, travel, education systems, and personal lives. Over the next couple months, we may all fall into new patterns of behavior and introduce new words and phrases. Businesses will find them popping up during staff meetings, zoom calls, and in marketing or operating materials. 2019 may seem like a distant memory but 2020 will change history books, HR manuals, and communication plans forever.
    By GNDC Director of Communications Amanda Remynse – who may have written this beside a giant bottle of hand sanitizer.