• ​January 15 Press Conference Summary

    ​January 15 Press Conference Summary

    Current COVID-19 Case Numbers in North Dakota: 95,599 total positive cases, 1,675 active confirmed cases, 92,551 recovered, 1,373 deaths.
    Speakers: Governor Burgum, Molly Howell, Immunization Program Manager-North Dakota Department of Health, Dr. Josh Ranum-VP of ND Medical Association and Internal Medicine Physician at West River Regional Medical Center

    Focus: Mask Mandate allowed to expire on Monday, January 18 at 8:00am

    • Statewide Mask Mandate will be allowed to expire on Monday, January 18 at 8:00am, and Risk Levels across the state will be moved to “Moderate.”
    • Business capacity requirements will be changed to “Guidelines.” on Monday, January 18 at 8:00am
    Additional points of note:
    • Current Statistics
      • Cases/Infection
        • Seven Day Positivity rate of 4.7% is the lowest since August and the fourth lowest in US
          • Only the 4 most populous counties in North Dakota have more than 100 active cases
        • 14 day rolling average is 4.1%
        • Three-pronged approach: Vaccine, Surveillance testing, and Therapeutics will be used to stop the spread of COVID
          • Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics are infusions that can be given to COVID positive people to help the body fight COVID when administered early, when symptoms are mild. 
      • Vaccinations
    • Ending our Emergency Declaration would limit North Dakota’s access to available Federal funding for emergencies
      • Other funding made possible due to Federal Money
        • 2000 Economic Resiliency Grant applications and  $27 million awarded,
        • 900 Hospitality ERG applications and $23 million awarded,
        • 200 HospitalityERG+ applications and $7 million awarded