• November 5 Press Conference

    November 5 Press Conference

        Current COVID-19 Case Numbers in North Dakota49,837 total positive cases, 9,224 active confirmed cases, 40,017 recovered, 596 deaths
    Speakers: Governor Burgum, Chris Jones Executive Director ND Department of Human Services

    Focus: Countries elevated to new level, Record numbers of cases 

    Additional points of note:
    • Current Cases
      • Worst day in total number of cases, new cases hospitalized.
        • The trend is going up nationwide. Numbers across the upper Midwest are seeing a wave of new cases.
      • Although we are at record levels by number, we are still not as high from a positivity rate as many other states.
    • Vaccine development progress 
      • Some are in Phase 3 of trials 
      • The Federal government, through Operation Warp Speed, is assisting in getting the manufacture of vaccines done as quickly as possible after all trials are complete.
    • Hospital/Medical Update
      • In March, hospital capacity plans were put into place.
      • The number of workers and concerns of the public have put strain on hospitals.
      • By following Smart Restate guidelines, seeking regular routine care, and reducing elective surgeries can help each hospital keep capacity available.
      • The stress that medical providers are experiencing is high. We can do our part to ease these burdens.
    • Relief/Funding Options
    Other issues covered: Leadership Everywhere means that in order to move in the right direction, we need people in all areas to step up and lead in the efforts of how to navigate through this, Places where we congregate are at high risk for high levels of spreading. A flu shot is a great way to keep yourself healthy and keep your immune system strong. Secretary of State did a good job with North Dakota ballots.